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Lady Oscar. My big love, forever. After Oscar I think that I never loved another anime in the same way *_____________________*
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I would need at least of 8 hours of sleep per night to function at my best. But usually I sleep for 7 hours per night sometimes even less. I basically feel sleep deprived every day XD
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Absolutely Nathan Fillion. He's amazing, hilarious, brilliant, I love him. Finally this year he won the People's Choice Awards like best actor in a drama serie and he deserves that, because he's a great actor. He has an unique style that I love a lot. In this days he is also posting pictures of himself on the set of 'Community'... I mean I have no idea if he was on the set because he'll be in some episode or not, but still... I'm in ecstasy because of these picture *.*
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No, this year the snow decided to not come ;) It snowed a bit of days ago on the mountain here but not where I live. Not that I complain, of course. I'm not a big fan of snow but this year it doesn't even seems December with these beautiful sunny days ;)
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That I'm less tired when I go to work than go around for malls and electronics stores XD If I'm lucky tomorrow is the last one even because then Friday I've got to go to the dentist (and I'm still wondering why my dentist works the day before the end of the year...) and then it will be New Year's Day :)
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Saturday. It's the day in which I can relax the most. I work on Friday and I hate Sundays because after there's Monday so... definitely Saturday :)
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Chocolate and also cream ♥
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I would totally watch a new tv shows XD
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The colors. There isn't another season who has so beautiful colors like autumn ♥
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The origins of my username is really simple. I choose this one at the time of 'The Lord of the Rings'. That was the first fandom in which I was active. My favorite character of the books and the movies was Aragorn. So I decided to put together my name and Aragorn's name. My name is Barbara and the abbreviation is Baby, like the abbreviation of Aragorn is Ara so... baby+ara = [ profile] babyara.

Some time ago I thought about the idea to change my username but in the end I realize that I don't want to do that. Because this username is kind of my second name, I've got this one from a long time though so... No, I think that I will remain babyara as long as I will be here around ;)
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Scotland. Because going to Scotland is my dream. I would want to see every piece of this amazing country and spend days on the Highlands... and other days in Edinburgh. Yeah, Scotland is my choice for one summer ♥
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Totally 'The Event'. I'm in love with this show *.*
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Memories always influence my decision. The only way to not make mistake is to take example from the past mistakes. This isn't possible if we don't keep our memories with us.
It's not only better embrace painful memories, but it's necessary. With time bad memories are less painful and I simply I think that it isn't right forget.


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