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Day 20: A photo of a celebrity who you think is a role model.

Gary Sinise

He's a great man. On December 10, 2008, was awarded the United States of America Presidential Citizens Medal (which was established on November 13, 1969 to recognize U.S. citizens who have performed exemplary deeds of service for the nation. The medal is bestowed by the President and may be conferred posthumously. The Presidential Citizens Medal is one of the highest honors the President can confer upon a civilian, second only to the Presidential Medal of Freedom.) for his work with the USO and Operation Iraqi Children. With his band, "Lt. Dan Band", has performed for more than 240,000 troops and their families in the U.S., Belgium, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Iraq, and Afghanistan, among others. They have performed in about 50 USO tours and 119 USO concerts. The band plays 30 to 40 shows each year, with 75 percent of those shows for charities, benefits or the USO. And beside all this charity and his work with his band he's also a great actor. So yes, if I should think to a role model Gary is the first person at which I can think about.

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Day 19: A photo of a celebrity whos house you would like a tour of.

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

I saw their house during the special with Oprah and OMG it was amazing! I would really love to take a tour that it will must end in Neil's magic room, the coolest room on the planet *.*

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Day 18: A photo of a celebrity whos wardrobe you would love to own.

Robin Tunney

She's always dressed in a very simple way that I like very much. Even in the important events she's always elegant but not in too complicated and researched way. So I suppose that her wardrobe will be perfect.

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Day 17: A photo of the celebrity who would play you in a movie about your life.

Kirsten Vangsness

She's amazing, beautiful and colourful and I totally love her so yes, if there would be a film about my life I would totally have her like me!

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Day 16: A photo of a celebrity you would love to have over for dinner.

Nathan Fillion

He's handsome. He's funny. I think that a dinner with him could be a memorable experience *.*

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Day 15: A photo of a celebrity who you think cares more about the money and the fame rather than the fans.


I don't know who I could choose for this day. I try to think about someone but in the end I realized that I just can't choose someone that I don't know, like answer at this day so... for today no one. I don't doubt that a lot of famous people cares more to money than fans, I just have no idea about who XD

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Day 14: A photo of a celebrity whos concert you would love to go to.

Bon Jovi

Go to their concert is basically a dream. I should go years ago to a concert in Milan, but then I couldn't and... sooner or later I will find a way to see them in gig *___*

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Day 13: A photo of the celebrity that you would do anything to meet.

Kurt Sutter

I'll stay in the Sons of Anarchy universe even today. I would seriously do anything to meet Kurt because everytime I watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy I feel the need to go to him and thanking him for creating such a wonderful tv show!

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Day 12: A photo of actor/actress from your favourite tv show.

Ryan Hurst - Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy. Favorite show. Absolutely! I choose Ryan because I have a very big crush for him from the last season. Seriously this man is charming and very beautiful *.* And Opie... Oh I totally and completely love Opie, sometimes I think that I even love Opie more than Jax... okay maybe not more than Jax but almost XD

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Day 11: A photo of a band/artist that you like that aren't famous worlwide yet.

Danilo Sacco

There are some place in the world in which his name is well known because when he played with 'Nomadi' they made a lot of concerts around the world but no, Danilo is not so famous. But he's good, oh, he's very good. In my opinion one of the most beautiful male voices that we have in Italy, a poet of other times, a man who is able to re-write himself and making a masterpiece for his first solist album. A great man that he deserves worldwide attention.

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Day 10: A photo of your favourite country artist/band.

Christian Kane

I'm not even sure that I may define Christian Kane like a country musician, but there's a lot of country sound in his song, so I choose him. He's amazing. He's voice is fantastic and I really love his songs *.*

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Day 9: A photo of a celebrity who you would love to best friends with.

Matthew Gray Gubler

He's smart. He's funny. Probably he may drive me crazy after one day but still... there's no one that I would want like best friend than him ♥

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Day 8: A photo of your favourite Disney star.

Snow White

By ever my favorite and I also loved how Ginnifer is playing her in Once Upon a Time *.*

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Day 7: A photo of a celebrity you would love to trade lives with.

Grace Park

This woman spends most of her time surrounded by Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan and Daniel Dae Kim. Do I really have to give you more reason because I want to trade my life with her? XD

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Day 6: A photo of a celebrity who you would like to have a kissing scene with if you were in a movie with them.

Matt Bomer

Well if you are a girl and you want to kiss Matt Bomer the only chance that you have it's to be in a movie with him XD

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Day 5: A photo of a celebrity who's hair you would like to have.

Daniela Ruah

Firstly I've got to say that she would be my second choice after Stana... second I really, really love her hair *___*

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Day 4: A photo of your favourite rapper.

LL Cool J

To be sincere I don't like rap music, but I know him from NCIS: Los Angeles so he's the only choice that I can make. I heard a couple of his songs because I was curious, and like I said it isn't my gender, but the words are beautiful and he has a good voice.

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Day 3: A photo of the celebrity you would turn gay/lesbian for.

Stana Katic

I remember the moment in which I said to myself 'yes, for Stana I could be lesbian'. It was the moment in which she came out of the pool in the third season in 'To Love and Die in L.A.'. My and Castle's expressions were the same XD She's a very hot and gorgeous woman *.*

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Day 2: A photo of the celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance.

Alex O'Loughlin

Is there someone who can blame me for this choice? I mean Alex isn't only one of the most gorgeous, charming and sexy man that I've ever see, but it's also a very nice and funny man. He's the perfect prince charming ♥

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Day 1: A photo of your favourite band.

My Chemical Romance

I've got to admit that I left the 'fandom' of MCR. I left everything is around them, but I never left their music. And I'll never do because I love their songs, I have so many memories connected to their songs that it's natural for me that when someone asks me 'what is your favourite band', they're always my first answer. They're completely part of my life.

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